A self-proclaimed critic, jetting down from the big city to sneer at the locals. My search for Real American stereotypes had led me squarely back to myself. Coolness, and exclusion, superiority. For what? We all live in houses on top of a hill. And we all, one day, will crumble and fall.

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I'm pretty sure that I was roofied once - I think it was intended for my now wife / then girlfriend. It didn't completely knock me out, but made me obscenely drunk off of a very little amount of beer and violently ill for two days. It was a bunch of bros who apparently were pissed that I was dating someone that they… » 10/08/14 2:43pm 10/08/14 2:43pm

I was on the wrestling team in high school and we had a meet at some little town in the middle of nowhere. Big old gym building, big old sinks and faucets in the cold locker room, big old parking lot. Walking out, the sun was setting over the trees and the bungalows and there was one car left in the lot. A dark grey…

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are those sensitive divas at Deadspin still going to be deleting almost all comments and banning people like me for being so bold as to call a CSN article's headline that they linked to "click bait?" Excuse me if I laugh when you say that Gawker Media is interested in promoting an open dialogue on Kinja... » 8/13/14 11:53am 8/13/14 11:53am

I freelanced for a few alumni magazines when I was finishing up undergrad, and trying to decide if I wanted to live the dream and try to write for a living for magazines like GQ or "sell out" and go to law school. Freelance or not, writers are some of the most expendable employees out there, and almost always the 1st… » 8/07/14 11:58am 8/07/14 11:58am